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Artifex develops high quality add-on products for Dynamics-NAV. Our products are exclusively distributed through premier Dynamics-NAV Microsoft Certified partners.


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Artifex Partners: Artifex CBM® + Credit Card Management

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Artifex CBM® - Commission & Broker Management

Artifex CBM® – Commission & Broker Management provides companies with a fast, simple way to manage all incentive-based compensation programs. In addition, CBM automates the entire commission process, including calculation and payment.

Artifex CBM® quickly pays for itself by increasing a company’s profitability with an intuitive tool to drive sales for specific items and customers. CBM offers virtually unlimited flexibility to design compensation programs for salespeople and brokers to maximize profits. Users setup commission rules to instruct the system to automatically monitor and process commission and broker fees. And commissions are calculated with just the push of a button.

Bottom line, Artifex CBM® automates the entire commission process, eliminating management expense and freeing companies to focus on selling.


• Save time by eliminating all manual commission processing.

• Paperless broker management.

• Easily create commission programs to maximize profits.

• Track commission liability & expense in a real-time.

• Forecast commission & fee expenses.

• Pay commissions automatically with no data re-entry.

• Provide your sales force with detailed commission reports.

• Reduce A/R by tying commissions directly to payments.

Credit Card Management

Artifex CCM® – Credit Card Management is a seamless credit card solution that was specifically designed for Microsoft® Dynamics NAV. With CCM, users can assign one or more credit cards to a customer’s account and choose a different card for each sale. Credit card authorization can be requested at the time the sale is entered or at any other time during the sales process.

Alternatively, CCM allows users to automate the credit card process by setting rules when credit cards should be processed. For example, processing can be set to automatically take place the night before the shipment date. Any cards that are rejected are summarized in a log window waiting for users to review, and address, prior to shipment. The system can be configured to automatically preauthorize a credit card prior to shipment and capture the payment once the invoice is posted. The result is an optimal process flow where the credit card is charged at the time of shipment without users having to re-open each order to manually initiate the charge.

For transactions not tied directly to a sale, CCM provides a dedicated credit card management window. The window can be used for transactions like credits or other business transactions that are not reflected in Dynamics NAV, eliminating the need for external processing software and equipment.

Best of all, CCM offers peace of mind. Customer credit cards are not stored in the database but securely offsite in an encrypted, secure location, minimizing a company’s liability. The system is the cornerstone for a PCI-compliant environment.

Provide your customers with a secure, reliable, and cost effective solution.


• Easy, intuitive design that is logically integrated into the standard sales workflow.

• Avoid financial liability with offsite storage of customer credi card information.

• Save time utilizing CCM’s integrated, automated processing.

• Get a complete solution that does not require purchasing additional software or terminals.

• Easily integrate into any environment. CCM is registered solution with a small footprint on standard NAV objects.

Artifex Partners: Artifex CBM® FAQs and Support

Please check below for our FAQs and Support for Artifex CBM®. Still have questions? Contact us with any questions!
Artifex CBM® FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Here are the frequently asked questions related to supporting and using CBM.

1. Can CBM be configured to only pay a commission once the customer has paid the invoice?
Yes, if you set the ‘Include Trans. Status’ to ‘Only Completely Closed’ in the Commission Source page, CBM will continuously monitor the sales invoices and only create a commission when the invoice has been paid.

2. We pay both internal and external salespeople. Can the expenses for each type of salespeople be booked to different G/L accounts?
Yes, you can create a second (or third, etc.) Commission Posting Group and assign different expense and liability accounts to each group. Next, assign the appropriate Commission Posting Group to either your internal or external salespeople. CBM will book the commission expenses for each salesperson to the GL account associated with the Commission Posting Group.

Artifex CBM® Support

Artifex Partners, Inc. provides support for Commission & Broker Management v1.8 (CBM)

Product Roadmap
CBM follows the Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As new releases of Dynamics NAV are released by Microsoft, we upgrade CBM to run on that version within 3 months of the date of Dynamics NAV.

Software Support Lifecycle
Artifex Partners, Inc. follows the same support lifecycle for CBM as Microsoft does with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Specifically, we support the current service pack, and in some cases the immediately preceding service pack for CBM. Support is available to customers with a current service plan.

Service Plan
The CBM Service Plan entitles customers to new updates and releases to the product at no additional charge. Service Plans are offered through your Dynamics NAV partner.

Technical and Functional Support
Your Dynamics NAV partner is the first line of support for any questions related to CBM. They have a unique understanding of both CBM and your business requirements. If your Dynamics NAV partner is not able to address the issue, Artifex Partners, Inc. provides next level support through your partner.

Our support team is available during business hours (9 am to 5 pm) Central time, Monday through Friday. Please have your partner call our Support department at 972-503-4274 or complete the contact form under Contact Us. All support requests are addressed within 24 hours of submission.

Commission & Broker Mgmt. for Dynamics-NAV

A demonstration of the Commission & Broker Management add-on for Dynamics-NAV or Navision. This product is available through Artifex Partners, Inc.